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Dog Wash

By installing a self-service dog wash at our service station, we hope that customers can think of us as the perfect stop before heading home after an eventful activity with their dog. We know the difficulties of washing your pet at home, operating our dog wash to get the mud off your animal with ease without making a mess at your place.

With dogs being an invaluable part of our lives, we notice when they smell after playing outside at the beach or in mud. Taking care of dog washing before heading home can become a useful addition to your schedule. So, stop by BP Redcliffs to wash your dog before they make your home smell or track in mud where you have to begin the frustrating task of an at-home wash.

We are dog lovers ourselves; loving the convenience of a dog wash at our BP 2go and finding we are inclined to wash our dogs more regularly after outdoor activities. The fundamental aim of our Redcliffs service station is to offer an assortment of flexible benefits to afford our customers convenience and complete service.

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