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EV Charge

Electric Vehicle owners are uniquely affected by the availability of charging stations for their cars. We are connected to ChargeNet, New Zealand’s largest EV charging network, which has been working tirelessly to install an infrastructure of over 280 charging stations throughout New Zealand. As a result, we empower locals and Christchurch visitors with a fast EV charging station to extend their journey.

The fast charging system installed at our service station allows most vehicles to add up to 100 kilometres in 15 – 30 minutes, and you can stop a charge at any time if you need to get on the move. ChargeNet provides simple charging by allowing you to start and stop the charge via their app, QR code, or the fob connected to your account. We consistently adapt our features to keep up with technological advancements, featuring electric charging alongside our traditional fuel forms.

Pop in for our charging station and spend the wait time by visiting our Wild Bean Cafe, which is well known for serving high-quality, barista-made coffee. Additionally, if you’re peck-ish, we provide a choice of delicious food for something sweet or savoury to keep you going. Electric vehicles are the future of the automotive industry, so, if you are taking-on a road trip with your new vehicle, BP Redcliffs is the perfect stop in Christchurch.

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