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Trailer Hire

There are an endless number of items which you may require one of our trailers for, where we have you covered with multiple trailer sizes and a large trailer inventory to attend to the needs of many customers. We are located at 170 Main Rd, Redcliffs, Christchurch, serving locals with convenient trailer hire at excellent rates.

Trailer hire can be a handy option if you are doing garden work or completing minor repairs on your property. If you need to transport wood or items in large quantities which won’t fit in your vehicle, give us a call and we’ll select the right trailer for your needs. Driving a trailer is a safe option, manufactured with lights and hydraulic brakes, with reflective strips to increase trailer visibility in lowlight.

Hiring a trailer is a more cost-effective option for most clients, who perform the odd DIY work on their property. We also believe that renting a trailer can afford more flexibility than borrowing a trailer from friends or family, where you don’t have to work around their schedule, completing tasks at your own pace.

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