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Vehicle Service – Premium & Standard

Our Standard Vehicle Service is delivered at $169, with a standard oil service including up to 5 litres of quality mineral, semi-synthetic, or synthetic oil. We contact you to receive approval before carrying out any additional work on your vehicle, ensuring you are on board during every service stage. The Standard Service enacts many critical routine maintenance checks, from fluid level top-ups, checking the engine compartment, and suspension assessment to brake discs and calliper inspections.

Exceeding the diagnostics and maintenance of our Standard Service, BP Redcliffs provides our Premium Service to complete all checks enacted in the Standard Service while carrying out extensive chassis diagnostics, brake line inspections, road testing and more. Our Premium Service accounts for battery voltage, spare wheel fixing and more to empower your vehicle to give the best output and offer enhanced longevity.

We understand that most modern vehicles have specific manufacturer-recommended servicing, where we have access to most brands’ vehicle databases to carry out services in line with their requirements. Additionally, we are happy to give you peace of mind with a pre-purchase inspection to ensure you are informed of the operating quality of the vehicle you are considering. At the time of your booking, we will advise you of the cost involved.

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