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WoF Inspection

A WoF check is a separate inspection to a regular service, which we often enact prior to the service to initially check your car’s safety concerns and respond to its needs during a standard or premium service. The Warrant of Fitness inspection examines your vehicle’s safety and must be carried out at regular intervals to maintain road legality.

The WoF must be enacted at different stages depending on your vehicle’s age, such as after three years for a newly registered vehicle, 12 months for cars registered after 2000, and six months for those vehicles registered before 2000. We carry-out thorough surveys to price affordable options which help you pass your WoF, making general safety checks to maintain road safety.

Additionally, with the investment of vehicles, we suggest partnering with our team for an inspection before completing a new purchase. As a result, you can purchase a new vehicle with confidence, making certain that you can negotiate a fair price for a car that will last for your expected time frame. So, don’t risk buyers’ remorse by contacting us today at BP Redcliffs.

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