Car Wash

At BP Redcliffs, we offer customers automatic car wash facilities to get vehicles looking shiny and clean with minimal effort. Giving your vehicle a regular wash is a necessity to clear your windscreen, windows, and mirrors of dirt and debris for safer driving. Additionally, car washing is necessary to protect the paint from damaging minerals that can lead to chipping, rusting, and damage to the protective coating layered on your vehicle.

The frequency with which you should wash your vehicle depends on multiple factors, with weekly washing required if you drive for hours in a day, drive on dirt roads, or park outside in uncovered areas. Bi-weekly washing is applicable for owners who park in covered garages, drive on paved roads, or drive less often than those requiring weekly washing. Additionally, we suggest an immediate wash if your car is covered in bird droppings or dirt.

When installing our modern automatic car wash, we used our own hesitation regarding automatic car wash systems to inform our decisions. Our equipment offers soft brushing which will not scratch your car’s paint and recycles water to process and filter used water before reusing it in the next washing.

Dog Wash

By installing a self-service dog wash at our service station, we hope that customers can think of us as the perfect stop before heading home after an eventful activity with their dog. We know the difficulties of washing your pet at home, operating our dog wash to get the mud off your animal with ease without making a mess at your place.

With dogs being an invaluable part of our lives, we notice when they smell after playing outside at the beach or in mud. Taking care of dog washing before heading home can become a useful addition to your schedule. So, stop by BP Redcliffs to wash your dog before they make your home smell or track in mud where you have to begin the frustrating task of an at-home wash.

We are dog lovers ourselves; loving the convenience of a dog wash at our BP 2go and finding we are inclined to wash our dogs more regularly after outdoor activities. The fundamental aim of our Redcliffs service station is to offer an assortment of flexible benefits to afford our customers convenience and complete service.

Trailer Hire

There are an endless number of items which you may require one of our trailers for, where we have you covered with multiple trailer sizes and a large trailer inventory to attend to the needs of many customers. We are located at 170 Main Rd, Redcliffs, Christchurch, serving locals with convenient trailer hire at excellent rates.

Trailer hire can be a handy option if you are doing garden work or completing minor repairs on your property. If you need to transport wood or items in large quantities which won’t fit in your vehicle, give us a call and we’ll select the right trailer for your needs. Driving a trailer is a safe option, manufactured with lights and hydraulic brakes, with reflective strips to increase trailer visibility in lowlight.

Hiring a trailer is a more cost-effective option for most clients, who perform the odd DIY work on their property. We also believe that renting a trailer can afford more flexibility than borrowing a trailer from friends or family, where you don’t have to work around their schedule, completing tasks at your own pace.

EV Charge

Electric Vehicle owners are uniquely affected by the availability of charging stations for their cars. We are connected to ChargeNet, New Zealand’s largest EV charging network, which has been working tirelessly to install an infrastructure of over 280 charging stations throughout New Zealand. As a result, we empower locals and Christchurch visitors with a fast EV charging station to extend their journey.

The fast charging system installed at our service station allows most vehicles to add up to 100 kilometres in 15 – 30 minutes, and you can stop a charge at any time if you need to get on the move. ChargeNet provides simple charging by allowing you to start and stop the charge via their app, QR code, or the fob connected to your account. We consistently adapt our features to keep up with technological advancements, featuring electric charging alongside our traditional fuel forms.

Pop in for our charging station and spend the wait time by visiting our Wild Bean Cafe, which is well known for serving high-quality, barista-made coffee. Additionally, if you’re peck-ish, we provide a choice of delicious food for something sweet or savoury to keep you going. Electric vehicles are the future of the automotive industry, so, if you are taking-on a road trip with your new vehicle, BP Redcliffs is the perfect stop in Christchurch.

Water Blaster Hire (2900PSI, Karcher petrol) from $50/6hours hire

The G2900R comes equipped with a patented Karcher commercial grade pump with brass head and powered by a Karcher 4 stroke KXS 196cc motor.water pressure up to 2900PSI,Easy to set up, quick start motor, You can take anywhere on the property without worrying about wires. Different nozzle heads included for different purposes. Easy to move around with big tyres. Water hose with reel cart, petrol container included in the hire fee.