Tyre Replacements

You can find tyre repair and replacements at our workshop, open 8 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday, and with pre-booking on Saturday. Our team is eager to assist you if you’re having trouble with tyres while on holiday or have encountered a puncture or damage living locally.

Car Wash

At BP Redcliffs, we offer customers automatic car wash facilities to get vehicles looking shiny and clean with minimal effort. Giving your vehicle a regular wash is a necessity to clear your windscreen, windows, and mirrors of dirt and debris for safer driving. Additionally, car washing is necessary to protect the paint from damaging minerals that can lead to chipping, rusting, and damage to the protective coating layered on your vehicle.

The frequency with which you should wash your vehicle depends on multiple factors, with weekly washing required if you drive for hours in a day, drive on dirt roads, or park outside in uncovered areas. Bi-weekly washing is applicable for owners who park in covered garages, drive on paved roads, or drive less often than those requiring weekly washing. Additionally, we suggest an immediate wash if your car is covered in bird droppings or dirt.

When installing our modern automatic car wash, we used our own hesitation regarding automatic car wash systems to inform our decisions. Our equipment offers soft brushing which will not scratch your car’s paint and recycles water to process and filter used water before reusing it in the next washing.